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Go digital! Migrating student records and registration processes into a digital format

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We’re in a time crunch to map out workflow processes and document management system processes. Where to begin? Help us leverage our human resources and manage our time efficiently before we must move our five years’ worth of physical files from one campus building to another. We’ve vetted an Ellucian product that will work for our purposes. Our goal and objective and is to streamline student registration processes (going digital for ALL) and to digitize our files from this point forward while also scanning/saving archival files to make them accessible. We need your help and consultation.

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CourseBMIS476 Project Management
  • All Undergraduate
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Student Time Commitment4-7 Hours Per Week
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Duration14.29 Weeks

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Customer Service

Data Management

Environmental Sustainability & Conservation

Growth Strategy

Legal, Regulatory, Compliance


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Product Design & Development

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