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Reportable and simple Office Check ins for Employees

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We are working to preparing our office for use from our staff but with the current Pandemic need a system that would record who is in the building and how many users are currently using the space. The primary goals are the following:

check-in via a mobile device using an app or web app that would have only 2-4 “clicks” for the employee to check-in. Keeping it very fast and simple for the employee. If it’s not simple they won’t use it.
Automatic detection of what office the employee is at via GPS. Again this will keep it simple and our locations are in Missoula, Bozeman, and Brno in the Czech Republic.
Reporting allows our Director of Operations to quickly get a report on who was in the office on a specific day and in a specific office. This will be used if the need for contract tracing is needed.

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